ZBN Group Holdings is dedicated to safeguard the health and safety of its employees and other personnel within its premises and the environment in which it conducts its business.

No person will be expected or compelled to perform any work that he or she considers unsafe or damaging to the environment.

This Stop Work Policy grants all employees, external and interested parties within ZBNGHSB's business work areas, the obligation, responsibility and authority to:

  • Initiate a Stop Work Order immediately, without fear of reprisal when a situation exists whereby the workers or the environment in danger or at risk.
  • Stop work or decline to perform an assigned task without fear of reprisal, to discuss and resolve work and safety concerns.

    The Stop Work Order may include discussion with co-workers, superiors or HSE representatives to resolve work related issues, address potential unsafe conditions, clarify work instructions and propose additional controls.

  • Report any unsafe act or unsafe condition or for which a Stop Work Order have been initiated. 

    Notification should be made to the affected worker(s) and to the superior at the location where the activity or condition exists. 

Once a Stop Work Order is issued, the activity in question will be stopped and reviewed by those performing the activity, their superiors and HSE representatives on site to determine if the Stop Work Order is warranted. Action will be taken to remove hazard or prevent environmental damage.

This policy shall apply to all ZBNGHSB's operations and has the full endorsement of the Management.