Corporate Milestone

Our business model is towards global diversified business. We are builder and engineering expert, process frozen seafood production, mass catering and film & video production. All these years ZBN Group has been constructing various projects across the east state of Malaysia and has established itself towards international contractors. Looking forward, our goal is to be the best engineering builder and service provider consistently outperforming, delivering projects in a safe, responsible and best quality. We are well on our way to achieving this. These attributes have contributed to our past success, and we believe that in the current global environment, quality and certainty of delivery is now more important than ever.

On time and on budget delivery is given thus we aim to outperform and exceed our client’s expectations. The significant proportion of repeat business in our business workbook is testament to this. It also speaks volumes to the quality of our people. Many of our employees have been part of the ZBN Group team expert and experience to serve clients benefit from our depth of knowledge and expertise, our ability to draw on shared experience for world’s best practice.

ZBN Group is proud of our business and our team, and the trusted relationships we have with our clients.