ZBN Group Holdings take pride in our Code of Ethics. We uphold our beliefs in being:

  • Obedient
    Adhere to all rules & regulations and Code of Ethics.

  • Honest 
    Take action with honesty and integrity without compromise.

  • Fair
    Take action according to rules and regulations, whether working with Government Agencies, clients or supplier.

  • Loyal
    Protect Company interest, assets and information.

  • Precise
    Keeping all business records complete and precise.

  • Respectful
    Always be respectful and respect our communities, environment all over the world.

This Code of Ethics is to ensure that the values underpinning the company are upheld and trust in the company is assured and there is confidence in the integrity and professionalism of the product and services offered.


The policy applies to all employees of ZBN, communicated at all levels within the organisation, and shall be made available to the public upon request.