It is ZBN Group Holdings policy to ensure that all employees have a personal responsibility to themselves, other employees and the Company to help eliminate drugs and substance abuse. To achieve this, ZBN will adopt the following policy in order to prevent alcohol and substance abuse by employees and others engaged by ZBN, of which such use may adversely affect the safe and successful conduct of the Company's business:

  • Promote a working environment that does not tolerate the inappropriate use of alcohol and substance;
  • The illicit use, possession, distribution, and/or sale of illegal substance on ZBN's premises and work area is strictly prohibited;
  • Employees may be required to undergo an alcohol and substance test where there is reasonable doubt an employee under the influence of alcohol and/or substance abuse;
  • Conduct comprehensive investigation of work-related incidents and accidents suspected of being caused by alcohol and/or substance abuse;
  • The company reserves the right to conduct lawful searches for alcohol and/or substance within the Company's premises, work area and personnel;
  • All engaged party with ZBN are required to ensure that their personnel meet the intent of this policy.

In ensuring that such provisions are been complied by employees, sub-contractors and all stakeholders at all stages, ZBN Group Holdings shall take disciplinary actions against any person or party found in breach of this policy.